Create a desktop planter from recycled wine bottles

Create a desktop planter from recycled wine bottles


A bottle cut in half at the right point can be use to create a 2-piece planter that drains into itself. These planters are perfect for herbs and would look great on a kitchen windowsill. If you want to green your office space try some simple succulents. We have a few aloe plants around the office, which are also a handy remedy for cuts and scrapes.


HomeMade ModernGlass Cutter
Purchase at Home Depot or online
A simple $4 glass cutter from Home Depot will do the trick if you construct a simple guide to make sure that the score line around the bottle is straight. A few scraps of wood and a couple of screws will do the trick. A quick Google-ing of ‘bottle cutter’ will reveal a variety of devices that make this task a little easier. The Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutter worked really well for me and only cost about $20.

HomeMade ModernGlass Bottle
Not all glass bottles are created equally. Different shapes and types of glass all behave differently. In general I had the best success with wine and liquor bottles. Make sure you have extra bottles since many will break when you try to cut them. At first I broke about 50% of the bottles I tried to cut. After I while I was able to improve to about a 70% success rate.

HomeMade ModernGoo Gone
Purchase at Home Depot or
Goo Gone will help remove the adhesive used on the labels.

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