How to Grow Dill

How to Grow Dill

How to Grow Dill

Dill is one of my favorite herbs to grow, because it is perfect for making my own pickles or giving my potato salad a punch. It seems to favor just about any growing condition, and enjoys a long growing season as well. If you have ever been curious about growing your own dill, take a look below at some helpful tips to get you started. You will find tips for growing your own dill that will help you grow a crop you can be proud of!

How to Grow Dill

How to plant dill seedlings:
Like most herb plants, dill does best when you plant it from seedling as opposed to seed. It will be ready to harvest quicker and you will also get a hardy start. Dill seedlings like milder weather, so they are perfect for the spring and fall months. Choose well drained, nutrient rich soil that has been turned with some organic matter for best results. When planting your dill seedlings, space them 8-10 inches apart in an area of full sun.

How to plant dill in containers:
If you are limited on space, you are welcome to plant dill in containers. You want to keep in the mind the same ideas mentioned above including full sun, rich and well drained soil, and appropriate spacing. It is a good idea to put no more than one plant per 10 inch pot.

Dill can grow indoors in a sun room, but won’t do so hot in other areas of the home. Due to the size it is not ideal for a window garden or kitchen garden.

How to care for dill seedlings:
Once your seedlings are established you can put some mulch around the base to retain moisture. Water once per week at about an inch per watering. Never allow the soil to get soggy or completely dry out. Dill tends to get tall, so you may need to add a stake to it to support it. A simple cage around the plant or wood stake will do the trick and offer support.

Pests tend not to be a problem with dill. In fact, dill plants often attract the kind of creatures you want like butterflies and even bees. Once the flowers open up on your dill plant you can look forward to all sorts of butterflies showing up!

How to harvest dill:
Dill is ready to be harvested when the top of the plant takes on blooms or a fern like look. You may also notice a slight change in color as the foliage turns a light yellow. You can snip off at any part of the stem and even use the bloom.

Fresh dill can be used in marinades, dressings, salads, and other cold dishes. It is perfect for pickling and can be used in many canned recipes as well. If you can’t use it quickly enough, dill can be dried as well as frozen until you need it.

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