How To Grow Figs In Your Backyard And Fig Trees In Pots

How To Grow Figs In Your Backyard And Fig Trees In Pots

How To Grow Figs In Your Backyard


Figs are one of the most iconic trees for gardeners. They produce delicious fruit and are one of the most attractive trees you can place in your garden.
If you’re interested in planting your own fig tree, follow these how to grow figs directions and keep the following tips in mind.

Type Of Temperature Figs Like
Fig trees prefer warm and humid weather.
They appreciate Lower, Coastal and Tropical regions.
They also enjoy southern exposure in the Middle South.
Fig trees would love to be near a wall with plenty of reflected heat gives the figs the sunlight and warmth they require to thrive.
Planting them in big pots that can easily be taken indoors during the harsh winter weather is a good idea.

Watering Routine
Figs don’t need much water until they begin to sprout and grow.
Mulching is also needed in tandem with proper watering to ensure that fig trees grow properly.
Once a fig tree is established and has its roots, it is a hearty plant that does not require much tending to.

How to Grow Fig Trees Pots And Containers
Growing fig trees outdoors allows them to grow and consume a larger area, but you can’t expect much fruit from it if you go that route.
So growing fig trees in pots is the perfect alternative and figs aren’t difficult to plant in big pots at all.
Figs take quite a long time to grow, but once they do they create some of the best tasting fruits possible.

Fig trees can grow 15 feet up to 30 feet tall so choose an 18-inch or larger pot for your plant.
This gives the tree plenty of room to expand and mature.
Use a 50/50 soil that includes compost and pot ash that is released slowly.
Feeding and fertilizing your fig tree is easy, and only needs to be done weekly.
During the winter be sure to bring your fig tree indoors and place it near a window to guarantee its health the next spring and summer.

The best time to pot your fig tree is late March.
You want to plant the fig tree with about an inch of room at the top of your pot.
Place compost at the bottom of your pot and firm it down to make sure that the plant feels constrained, as it likes this best.
Once it’s down in the pot, water it generously and feed it weekly with a tomato fertilizer.

Taking Care Of Fig Trees

If you have trouble with pests, like ants, you may very well need to add some pesticides to the trees.
One of the best ways to keep them at bay naturally is with Vaseline.
Add the Vaseline to every part but the bark.
The bark does not react well to Vaseline, so add aluminum foil to the bark and then cover the tree elsewhere to prevent bugs.

Once the tree starts to sprout in the spring and summer, you’ll have a wonderful healthy fig harvest on your hands.
Keep watering the plant weekly to ensure it doesn’t burn up, but otherwise you should have little trouble with drought when learning how to grow figs and fig trees in pots.

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