How to: Indoor Herb Garden

How to: Indoor Herb Garden


1. Collect your materials:

2. Dip the bottom of each glass into the latex paint, creating a 1″ tall coating of paint. Let the excess paint drip off.

3. Set each glass onto a paper towel to remove the rest of the excess paint.

4. Set the glasses on the wax paper to dry. Move them around on the paper after an hour so they don’t get completely stuck. Let them dry for a couple more hours.


5. Next, use a paintbrush to put a layer of the Clear Chalkboard Coating on the painted area of the glass. Do the same for the remaining three glasses. Let this coat dry for one hour, then add another coat. Now let the glasses dry completely overnight.

6. Condition the chalkboard coating by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk over it.

7. Now wipe off the excess chalk with a dry paper towel.

8. Fill each glass with rocks, so that they are each almost half full. This will help extra water drain from the soil.


9. Now, transfer the herbs to the glasses. You may need to remove some of the dirt from the side of the plant so it fits in the glass. Try not to damage the roots when doing this.

10. It’s time to mount the Vurm on the wall, horizontally instead of vertically. Use a pencil or pen to mark the placement of the Vurm mounting hardware, and use a drill or screwdriver to screw them into the wall. Be sure to attach at least one side to a stud so that it will stay mounted securely to your wall.

11. Hang up the Vurm, and tighten the screws. Now put your plants into the open spaces in the Vurm. And you’re done!

Now go use your fresh herbs to make something delicious for dinner!


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