Tips for Growing Carrots

Tips for Growing Carrots

Tips for Growing Carrots in the Garden

Carrots make for a healthy snack, and they are a vegetable that even children can’t wait to get their hands on. If you want to try growing carrots in your garden this year, take a peek below at these helpful growing tips. Below you will find tips for growing carrots in your own garden, so you can enjoy their sweet and crunchy taste all season long. Here is what you need to know!

How to start carrots from seed:
When planting carrot seeds, you want to head outdoors about 4 weeks before the final frost of the season. There is no need to wait until the threat of frost has passed. Choose a spot that offers full sun. Be sure when planting your seeds the soil is fine and free from foreign matter. Carrots have deep roots (the vegetable itself), so you want to be sure they have plenty of room to stretch. If anything blocks their way (such as rocks in the soil) their growth could be stunted.

When planting, seeds should be placed at least 4 inches apart. Try planting rows that are 12 inches apart from each other.

If you wish to begin seeds indoors, you will need a deep and roomy potting system. Because of this, it isn’t advised for you to start seeds indoors unless you have plenty of space to do so.

How to transplant carrots:
Should you start your carrot seeds indoors, you will want to transplant when they are about three inches tall. Space the seedlings per the direction mentioned above to ensure plenty of room to grow. Make sure the soil is soft so that the root portion doesn’t run into any obstacles.

How to care for carrot seedlings:
Be sure to mulch your seedlings every few weeks to keep the roots cool. This will also speed up the growing process and give you quicker results. You will want to water the seedlings at least once per week to keep the soil moist and the plant hydrated.

General tips for producing a good carrot crop:
You can fertilize the seedlings, but wait until they are at least 6 weeks old. It is essential that you keep the areas around the crop well weeded. Many pests that destroy carrots are first attracted to the weeds that surround them. Remove the weeds and you remove the temptation!

When and how to harvest carrots:
Carrots take about 2 months to reach maturity. To remove, simply grasp at the base of the plant and pull upward. There is some debate about what size the carrot should be before you harvest it. In most cases, it will be just shy of an inch in diameter. You can of course harvest when it is as small as ½ inch in diameter.

Give these tips a try for growing carrots that are hardy and healthy. In just a few short months you can have a harvest that is right for the picking. As you can see, growing your own carrots is fun and easy, now if only there was a way to grow your own ranch dip!

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